When Do I Need to Go to an Emergency Dental Office?

Posted on: October 21, 2019

emergency dental Everett, MA

Learning more about when to go to an emergency dental office is smart.

Many people will wait until a dental emergency is experienced before finding an emergency dentist to treat them. This makes it a good idea for you to find an emergency dentist you can go to just in case you were ever to experience a dental emergency. However, it is also a good idea to understand the difference between immediate emergency dental care and a dental emergency that can be treated within 24 or 48 hours.

Why some dentists offer emergency dental services

Want to know why some dentists offer emergency dental services and others do not? Dentists who decide to offer patients emergency dental services are dentists who can perform well in emergency situations. An emergency dentist is a health care professional who knows how to choose the right type of treatment to address any type of dental emergency and can do it with complete confidence. An emergency dental office is one that needs to accommodate a variety of emergency situations and therefore tends to be a very well-managed dental office.

Dental emergencies that require same-day treatment

There are many different types of dental emergencies that can happen at any time in someone’s life. Thus, it is necessary for everyone to learn the difference between emergencies that require same-day treatment and emergencies that can wait to be seen for a day or two.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, which tend to be based on how much pain a patient is in. For example, when someone loses or damages a dental crown, this type of dental emergency can normally wait to be treated within a couple of days. But if a patient is in extreme pain, then same-day emergency services are necessary.

Dental emergencies that often require same-day treatment include a completely knocked out tooth, severe and uncontrollable bleeding in the gums, a severely damaged tooth and an abscessed tooth.

Dental emergencies that can wait

Many people who are experiencing a dental emergency may not want to wait to be seen in order to be treated for a dental emergency, which is completely understandable. While not ideal for everyone, many patients who have experienced a dental-related emergency will need to make an emergency appointment for the next day or the following day. Patients should understand that if the emergency experienced is getting worse before the appointment time, then it is important to contact the emergency dental office to let them know.

Dental emergencies that can often wait to be seen in a day or two include a chipped tooth, a fractured tooth, a broken or lost dental crown, a broken or lost a dental veneer and a broken or lost dental filling.

Need to be seen by an emergency dentist?

You can make an emergency dental appointment with us right now if your dental emergency is one that can wait. Just let us know what your emergency is so that we can get you scheduled in for emergency treatment services.

If you are currently experiencing a dental emergency that requires immediate dental assistance, then let us know so we can get you scheduled in as soon as possible.

Request an appointment here: https://gkdentaloffice.com or call GK Dental PC at (617) 826-6075 for an appointment in our Everett office.

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