How a Smile Makeover Can Change Your Entire Look

Posted on: November 5, 2019

smile makeover Everett, MA

No one should have to feel insecure about their smile, and a smile makeover has helped many patients achieve more confidence in their physical appearance. That said, however, a common misconception is that cosmetic treatment is only for individuals who want to appear more attractive, but there are other reasons to consider transforming your smile. 

The benefits of a smile makeover

Whether you want to have more confidence while dating or appear more professional at your place of work, a smile makeover can be incredibly beneficial. The following are four benefits and reasons to consider smile makeover treatment. 

Smile makeover for whiter teeth

Many cosmetic treatment options available to patients seeking a smile makeover are designed to improve the color shade of teeth, helping the patient gain a smile that is bright and shiny. Several procedures that help patients achieve a whiter smile include but are not limited to professional in-office teeth whitening and dental veneers. Although good oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings help, the fact is that teeth sometimes stain or become discolored regardless of efforts to prevent it, and visiting a cosmetic dentist to whiten teeth can be beneficial.

Smile makeover for a more professional appearance

Perhaps the main reason that patients seek a smile makeover is to become more confident with their physical appearance. However, many patients who receive a smile makeover do not do so because they feel insecure, but rather because they want to become more successful in their profession. In many instances, having a more attractive smile makes the person appear and act more confident, which is important in professions where, for example, making a sales pitch to a prospective customer or client is required. 

Smile makeover for teeth restoration

The main concern of cosmetic dentists who perform smile makeovers is to improve the physical appearance of the patient. However, there are health and function benefits as well. For example, a patient who struggles with the effects of teeth grinding can receive both cosmetic and health benefits from treatments such as dental veneers, dental crowns and bonding. A smile makeover is also an option for individuals who have damaged teeth from a blow to the face or poor oral hygiene. 

Smile makeover for teeth replacement

While function and oral health are concerns of tooth loss, it is also a cosmetic issue. Many individuals who lose their teeth prematurely can become increasingly insecure about their smile, but there are cosmetic treatment options available to replace missing teeth, such as dental implants or a dental bridge. 

Find out more from a cosmetic dentist

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