Flexible Partial Dentures

Posted on: October 18, 2019

partial dentures Everett, MA

Partial dentures are a method of putting replacement teeth in the mouth of a patient who is missing teeth. If you do not have enough teeth to support a bridge, this procedure could be an option. There is no reason why you should go through life feeling embarrassed about your appearance or smile. These dentures could also improve your ability to chew.

How the dentures work

Qualified dentists are accustomed to helping patients feel better about their mouth and teeth. When someone visits the dental office and is interested in dentures, the staff will examine the patient’s mouth and take X-rays. The dentist will determine whether partial or full dentures are the right way to go. With the partial variety, the dentist will attach replacement teeth to a pink- or gum-colored base. The denture will be held in the mouth by a metal framework.

When to use partial dentures

If the patient still has at least one or two teeth in the upper and lower jaw, the dentist can fit the person with a partial set of dentures. The dentist will place crowns on the remaining teeth and will attach replacement teeth to them by means of a bridge. The dentist will fix the bridge firmly into place with cement. If the patient is missing all the teeth, a partial option would not be effective. The dentist would use full dentures in this case.

Help now and going forward

A patient should consider partial dentures to fill spaces between existing teeth. This could help a person feel better about smiling and being in public situations. In addition, these dentures could be useful for future considerations. The dentures also help keep the remaining natural teeth from shifting positions.

Denture care

Patients should exercise great concern for the maintenance of their dentures. Dentists will recommend a proper cleaner. Denture wearers should not use toothpaste, as it could damage the apparatus. It may be all right to use dish soap to clean dentures, but patients should make sure the product is not too harsh. It is also important to keep dentures in water during the night, as moisture will help ensure the dental device holds its shape properly. Also, those who wear dentures should make sure to rinse them thoroughly, especially after eating.


Just as people should visit the dentist regularly for mouth and teeth care, patients who wear dentures need to follow up with the dental staff for consistent adjustments. The dentist can determine whether to alter the dentures in any way. It is also vital that patients inform the dentist if the dentures break or become damaged in any other way. Never try to repair dentures without the qualified help of a professional.

Find out if they are right

Dentures are not the only way to help correct issues with broken or missing teeth. If you are not sure what will work well in your case, it is essential to make an appointment with your dentist. This professional can determine whether partial or full dentures can do the job. Make an appointment today.

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