What Does It Mean When You Grind Your Teeth?

Ever wonder why you grind your teeth? You are not alone. Most people actually clench and grind their teeth a bit. The medical term for it is bruxism, and it is pretty much harmless. However, if you grind your teeth […] Continue Reading

7 Tips for Dental Disease Prevention

A dental disease can have serious consequences on your overall health. It can affect your self-confidence and quality of life. Treating a dental disease can be a financial drain, especially when it comes at a time when finances are tight. […] Continue Reading

Keep Up An Evening Dental Routine

The average person rushes through his or her evening dental routine.  Most of us spend the evening on the couch watching TV, surfing the web, playing video games or enjoying time with the family.   It is awfully difficult to avoid […] Continue Reading

What to do When Your Dental Crown Falls Out

If your dental crown has fallen out, do your best to remain calm and collected.  Your dentist will help you solve this problem, get your tooth back to functional condition and return your life to normal.  You might experience a […] Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adult Orthodontics

Adult orthodontics is becoming increasingly popular. It was almost impossible to spot an adult with braces a few years ago. Braces were strictly for children and teens with crooked smiles and misaligned bites. Today, things have changed as adults make […] Continue Reading

The Risks of Not Taking Care of Partial Dentures and What You Can Do

Partial dentures are devices replace missing teeth. Apart from the increased confidence and self-esteem you get when you restore your smile, partial dentures can help you carry out everyday functions like chewing food with ease. Eating certain foods can become […] Continue Reading

Clear Braces vs Traditional Braces

Clear braces have become an increasingly popular alternative to conventional metal braces. Both types of braces serve the same purpose of realigning and straightening crooked teeth.Here is a look at the differences between the two types of braces.If You are […] Continue Reading

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Lumineers

Lumineers are a type of porcelain veneers. They are as thin as contact lenses. Veneers are fairly popular as they allow for a lively and beautiful smile that is not possible with the use of regular veneers. In fact, some […] Continue Reading

Learn About the All on 4 Dental Implant Procedure

The All-On-4 dental implant procedure is a great choice for people who are missing teeth but are not quite sure about wearing dentures. Nowadays, the fact that dental patients have lots of choices when it comes to improving their oral […] Continue Reading

Why You Should You Have Your Dentures Professionally Relined

Are your dentures simply not as comfortable as they used to be? If your answer is yes, then you are probably due for a few adjustments. It is not only important for you to professionally reline your dentures because they […] Continue Reading