What Your Smile Reveals About You

Posted on: August 2, 2018

A smile is an essential part of your appearance. It is one of the first things people notice when you interact with them, and it can lead to assumptions being made about who you are. For example, people who have healthy, shiny smiles are often perceived to be more attractive and successful, while those with damaged teeth are more likely to be viewed as unattractive and unsuccessful.

These assumptions are not without merit. A 2001 study published in the journal Personality Processes and Individual Differences shows that people who smiled in their high-school yearbooks earned 10 percent more income than their peers who did not smile for their yearbook photo. The same study indicated that these students were also more likely to be successful with marriage compared to their solemn counterparts.

Of course, it is easier to be all smiles when one feels good about the way their smile looks. People with unsightly smiles often have lower self-esteem, and they tend to feel self-conscious when around others. It is easy to understand why they think this way given the assumptions being made about the condition of their teeth.

Common reasons why smiles become ruined

1. Poor oral hygiene

One of the most common reasons why people end up feeling unhappy about the way their smile looks is poor dental hygiene. Teeth are exposed continuously to acids in the things people eat and the acids created by bacteria that live in the mouth. These bacteria feed on food particles that are left over in the mouth and excrete acids afterward.

These acids damage tooth enamel and can lead to the formation of cavities. The bacteria that create these acids also build plaque, and that can lead to gum disease – especially when it becomes calcified and turns into tartar.

2. Missing teeth

Natural teeth can fall out for many reasons. They can be knocked out by trauma caused by an accident or sports injury, and they can be loosened due to dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Regardless of the reason a tooth falls out, it needs to promptly as soon as possible.

When there is a gap in a person's smile, the remaining teeth move towards the empty space, trying to close it up. This leaves the person with misaligned teeth, further ruining their smile. Also, when a tooth is missing, the jawbone tissue that held its root in place begins to deteriorate. Addressing a missing tooth in a timely manner helps to avoid these issues.

Having a great smile is a priceless asset. It makes people feel comfortable when a person gives them a genuine smile and it makes people appear more attractive, confident and sociable. Smiling also helps people to better process stress and deal with any hassles their day brings.

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