The Truth About Common Myths Surrounding Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment Everett, MA

You may have heard the expression that something is “about as fun as a root canal.” You probably associate root canals with severe pain. But a root canal treatment is not intended to be painful. Instead, it is designed to treat and prevent future pain. Read on to learn about a few more myths that surround root canals.

Myth: it is better to pull a tooth

Some people may want to have a tooth pulled because they mistakenly believe it will need removal anyway. However, with the new advances in technology, a root canal can last for many years to come. The truth is that it is almost always better to save a tooth instead of extract it. If a tooth is extracted, then a patient will need to have a replacement. This can result in more time at the endodontist. Without a replacement, the patient may develop a bad bite or lose bone density in the jaw.

Myth: root canal treatment is a long process

Patients must consider many factors when it comes to root canal treatments with the endodontist. Many root canals can be treated in just one visit. Even the more advanced cases with inflammation or infection may only require two visits. Patients can speak with the endodontist about any concerns before treatment. Restoring the tooth after the root canal will be necessary, even if it involves a few visits.

Myth: root canal treatments cause illnesses

This myth was started in Victorian times by Dr. Weston Prince. Prince believed that teeth that had root canal treatments caused patients to be susceptible to illnesses. However, this research was later found to be flawed. A root canal treatment will not increase a patient’s likelihood of falling ill. In fact, removing the harmful bacteria from the area will most likely reduce the likelihood of illnesses.

Myth: root canal treatments are painful

With modern medicine and technology, root canal surgery is now as painless as having a cavity filled. Often, the pain associated with root canal treatment is the tooth pain before the procedure. The treatment can remove the source of the pain, leaving patients comfortable after the procedure. Patients will receive local anesthesia in the area so they will not feel pain during the procedure.

After the root canal, patients will only take a few days to completely recover. Discomfort after the appointment is minimized. In rare cases, patients may have some discomfort that an over-the-counter pain reliever can take care of. There are more than 14 million root canal procedures performed each year.

Visit an endodontist today

Understanding more about what a root canal is really like can help reduce your fears. Getting a root canal can save your tooth, which is better than pulling it completely. Root canals are not designed to be painful, and they are not long-drawn-out processes. After getting a root canal, you will most likely be back to normal within a few days. Contact an endodontist today to get a consultation.

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