Adjusting to New Dentures: Do Dentures Feel Natural?

Adjusting to New Dentures: Do Dentures Feel Natural? from GK Dental PC in Everett, MAMost first-time denture candidates are nervous about adjusting to new dentures. They usually do not know what to expect, and they may wonder if dentures will feel natural.

People get dentures for many reasons, such as broken or missing teeth, excessive tooth decay, gum disease, severe tooth pain or trauma, and painful sensitivity to hot and cold. A dentist can evaluate your situation and may recommend dentures.

What steps are involved when getting dentures?

Once you have decided to get dentures, you naturally want to know what to expect.

1. Extract back teeth

Most dentists do not remove all your teeth at the same time. For instance, any remaining back teeth are likely to be removed first if you get complete upper dentures, with the front teeth left in place. For the first few days, you may take medication for any discomfort or swelling of the gums.

2. Make impressions

The gums are left to heal for approximately one month. Once the swelling is gone, your dentist makes an impression of your upper teeth. Waiting until the swelling is gone ensures the dentures fit better.

3. Make a mock-up and construct dentures

A mock-up is made from the mouth impression. You need to bite down on it so that the dentures maker knows how your bottom and top teeth line up when your mouth is closed. Your midline is also marked on the mock-up, where your middle teeth meet.

4. Remove front teeth and seat dentures

When the new dentures are ready, you may have any remaining teeth extracted. The dentist then places the new dentures in your mouth before you leave the office. You need to keep them in place for 24 hours before removing them to clean them, then immediately replace them. Keeping the dentures in your mouth allows your gums to “fit” to the shape of the dentures; this helps them stay in place better after your gums are fully healed.

Eating can be difficult while you are adjusting to new dentures. You should stick to soft foods until your dentures are comfortable. You may need minor adjustments to your dentures if they do not fit properly.

Do dentures feel natural?

Every effort is made to make your dentures fit well in your mouth, but for the first few weeks, after your teeth are pulled and your dentures placed, they may feel strange and unwieldy. The actual teeth on the dentures typically feel natural, but your tongue needs to adjust to not being able to touch the roof of your mouth if you have upper dentures, and you have to get used to the way the dentures fit onto your gums. After your gums have fully healed, your dentures will begin to feel more comfortable and natural.

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Are you ready for dentures?

Because you will see your dentures every time you look in the mirror, you want them to fit and look great. Adjusting to new dentures takes time, but it is not difficult.

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