Improving Your Oral Health While Adjusting to New Dentures

Improving Your Oral Health While Adjusting to New Dentures from GK Dental PC in Everett, MAWhen you are adjusting to new dentures, it may seem that taking care of them requires a lot of time. Not only do you need to brush them every day, but you also need to soak them in a special solution each time you take them out overnight. Eventually, your denture care steps will become second nature and will be much easier to do regularly.

When you are focused so much on taking care of your dentures, it can be easy to neglect the health of your gum tissue, tongue, and palate. But a good oral health routine is important whether you have natural teeth or dentures. The goal of every denture wearer should be to improve oral health by taking the steps necessary to keep oral tissues clean, moist, and healthy.

Brush your gums and tongue every day

When you are adjusting to new dentures, you receive detailed instructions on how to care for them. It is necessary to brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and special cleaning solution each time you take them out for the day. It is also important to soak them overnight so they maintain their moisture and do not lose their shape.

While you are tending to your dentures, do not forget to spend sufficient time taking care of your natural oral tissues as well. Using a soft-bristled brush and regular toothpaste, gently brush your gums, palate, and tongue. This should be done twice a day: in the morning before you put your dentures in, and in the evening after you take your dentures out. Brushing the different surfaces in your mouth will help remove plaque buildup and food particles. It will also help you avoid unwanted conditions associated with poor oral health, such as gum disease or fungal growth.

One other reason to brush your gums, palate, and tongue every day is to help ensure a good fit when you put your dentures in. If you have any leftover food particles in your mouth, your dentures may not fit properly. They may also feel uncomfortable against your gums. Maintaining clean gum tissue can help ensure a good fit and comfort level while wearing your dentures.

See your dentist at least once per year

When adjusting to new dentures, you may need to see your dentist frequently at first. This is especially true if you feel like your dentures do not fit the way you want or if you have trouble getting them to stay in place. Once you have adjusted and feel comfortable with your dentures, you may not need to go to the dentist as often.

However, it is important to still maintain your regular dental checkups (at least once per year, but preferably every six months). This will help you maintain your overall oral health, even when you no longer have natural teeth.

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Be sure to bring your dentures to your annual checkup. Your dentist can check to make sure there is no biofilm buildup on your dentures or remove it if it is present. Biofilm buildup can be a factor in various oral diseases, so it is important to remove it regularly.

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