What Type of Denture Repair Does a General Dentist Do?

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If dentures are damaged because of natural wear and tear or because of a poor fit, it is important to get denture repair as soon as possible. Doing so prevents further damage to the dentures and injury to yourself. Fortunately, general dentists are able to perform different types of repair, and often the restorations can be done in a short amount of time.

Reasons for denture repair

A denture can be damaged in a number of ways. Sudden damage can occur from an impact, such as dropping it or from biting on a hard object, that breaks the denture. More commonly, damage occurs because the dentures do not fit properly. They also gradually wear down from normal use.

When dentures are worn down or fit improperly, this can lead to infection, mouth sores and other types of discomfort. Seeking repair as soon as possible can correct these issues.

Common types of repair

Although dentures are not made to last forever, the typical lifespan is between five and 10 years. During this time, however, it is likely that some type of repair will be needed.

Denture reline

A denture reline is a common type of denture repair. When there are missing natural teeth, the jawbone begins to change. It loses bone, which is resorbed into the body, and this causes the entire mouth to change shape. Over time, these alterations cause dentures to destabilize and shift.

To correct this problem, a dentist performs a denture reline by adding material to the area of the dentures that contacts the gums. The dentist starts by cleaning the dentures thoroughly and then resurfacing and adjusting the denture to securely fit the new shape of the jaw and gums. Some dentists will recommend this procedure at certain intervals, such as every two years.


It can be challenging to get dentures to fit correctly. Lacking a secure fit, biting and normal mouth movements cause uneven pressure in the mouth, which often leads to sore spots. Denture adjustments help fix this issue. This is usually a simple and relatively quick process in the dentist’s office.

Denture rebase

A denture rebase is a type of denture repair that is called for when the teeth of the dentures are in a good state but the base needs to be replaced due to breakage, weakness or an uncomfortable fit. The base is the pink acrylic part of the dentures that anchors the teeth in place. During the process, the dentist replaces all of the acrylic and then attaches the teeth to the new base.


If dentures are causing discomfort and are not fitting as well as they should, denture repair is likely necessary. Although there are do-it-yourself kits for some repair options, this can cause breakage and other issues. General dentists have the skills and tools to perform many of the more common types of repair so that you can regain normal function as soon as possible.

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