Signs that a Tooth Extraction Might Be Needed

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Any person dreads a dental extraction. Your natural teeth are organic treasures in your body. Each tooth developed as you did. It can be difficult to accept the loss of a tooth, but this may be the only solution left at times. If you want to determine the signs you might need a tooth extraction, here are the details.

Gum infections

The dentist may recommend tooth extraction if the tooth infection is severe. This often involves the teeth and gums. Periodontal disease causing illness or infection is a strong reason for removing the tooth. This must happen right away. A tooth with a severe infection may not respond to pain medication anymore. The dentist must remove it, especially if there is tooth root damage.

Immuno-compromised patients tend to develop periodontal problems. Their immune systems have difficulty in fighting off various infections. Some of them are those who have autoimmune diseases, go through chemotherapy, or went through organ transplantation. For these patients, tooth extraction can prevent their conditions from worsening. The procedure will keep them from developing complications.

Dental impaction and overcrowding

Impaction happens when a tooth cannot emerge from the gumline. This often happens to wisdom teeth. The tooth grows and develops inside the gums. It pushes against the neighboring tooth, resulting in pain and inflammation. Removing the impacted tooth can remove the patient’s discomfort.

Overcrowding causes misalignment, pain, and tooth decay. There is inadequate space for each tooth to grow. The dentist will need to perform a tooth extraction to move the rest of the teeth into their proper positions. It is a way to prepare the patient for orthodontic treatment. Extracting some teeth will provide the space the remaining teeth need to realign.

Dental damage

Cracking, chipping, and excessive decay can cause severe dental pain. Damage to the tooth may already reach the jawbone. At this point, the dentist cannot save the tooth anymore. Dental extraction will give way to a tooth restoration procedure. A dental implant procedure would be the most stable form of restoration.

Jaw stiffness and pain

These signs indicate possible dental damage or infection. Jaw stiffness and pain can also come with swelling along the gumline. The discomfort may also result from a longstanding disease affecting temporomandibular joint mobility. These are reasons for dental extraction.

Severe dental pressure and pain

The patient experiences these in cases of impaction. These sensations result from the pushing of the teeth into the gums and neighboring teeth. The discomfort spreads along one side of the jaw. It worsens when the patient bites or chews.

This type of ache and pressure can be debilitating. It can lead to inadequate nutrition. Lack of proper chewing can even result in digestive disorders. Dental extraction can remove the source of dental pain and pressure.

You need to consider dental extraction if you want to maintain your oral health

Permanent teeth are valuable. These teeth have developed and stayed with you since you were very young. Losing them can be depressing. Even so, there are cases when dental extraction can help you maintain your oral health. An appointment with your dentist can determine which teeth must go through this procedure.

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