Pros and Cons of Amalgam Fillings

Posted on: September 15, 2018

amalgam fillings

Finding the information you want on amalgam fillings is a great idea! When you understand all the different dental choices available when you are in need of a filling, you can make a choice that is going to meet your particular lifestyle. For example, is your smile super important to you? While smiles tend to be important to all of us, if you are someone whose everyday life requires you to smile a lot, you probably want a smile that you can always be proud to show. This is why it is important for you to understand your filling choices as some fillings are more visible when you smile.

Pros and cons of amalgam fillings

The following is a list of some of the pros and cons that come with choosing amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings, metal fillings and mercury fillings. Because fillings will stay in a patients mouth for many years, it really is necessary for them to make a filling choice that works for them.


#1 – choosing an amalgam filling means that the dental patient can expect their filling choice to be extremely durable

#2 — choosing an amalgam filling means that larger cavities can be filled without worrying about tooth breakage

#3 — choosing an amalgam filling means that it will not dissolve over time due to saliva

#4 — choosing an amalgam filling means the dental patient is choosing an affordable option


#1 — choosing an amalgam filling means that more of the tooth is removed

#2 — choosing an amalgam filling means that the filling will be very noticeable

#3 — choosing an amalgam filling means that a dental patient may be subject to the negative effects due to the various metal materials used when making the amalgam filling

Can we help you?

If we can help you by answering any questions you currently have about amalgam fillings, simply give us a call as soon as you are able to. We have a great team of dental professionals here who are always willing and able to take any questions you have relating to dental health. When you have one or more cavities in your mouth, it is essential that you get your cavities filled as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they will continue to worsen, which can negatively affect the rest of your teeth. Know that we are here for you!

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