Get a Chipped Tooth Treated After an Accident

Chipped Tooth Everett, MA

A chipped tooth can be incredibly painful, but you shouldn’t have to go without dental care just because you are busy or are traveling in an area where you don’t have access to your regular dentist. There are ways to treat your tooth right away so that the damage isn’t permanent, and there are also ways to ensure that you can get back to normal quickly without costly follow-up treatments in the future. To learn more about what to do when you have a broken tooth after an accident, keep reading!

What are the symptoms of a chipped tooth?

The symptoms of a chipped tooth depend on how severe your injury is. If you’ve only chipped one tooth, you may not experience any symptoms. A mild chip will cause pain in your mouth but probably won’t extend beyond that—in these cases, most people can treat themselves at home by rinsing with saltwater and avoiding hard or crunchy foods.

A moderate chip can cause mild pain as well as sensitivity to hot and cold. If your tooth is chipped, you’ll want to use a warm washcloth or a heating pad on your cheek. It’s not necessary to rinse with salt water if you have only a moderate chip, but soft foods are probably too difficult for you to chew at that point, so avoid them altogether until your tooth has healed.

How do I prevent my tooth from becoming sensitive after the treatment?

If you have chipped or cracked a tooth and need to get it fixed, you probably want to know how to prevent your tooth from becoming sensitive after treatment. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that your teeth won’t become sensitive again after treatment.

However, there are some steps you can take during and after your treatment that can help alleviate any sensitivity issues. First, it’s important to use good oral hygiene habits such as flossing and brushing twice daily. Maintaining healthy gums will also reduce any potential damage caused by treatment, such as cracks in teeth and sensitivity. While teeth are healing, it’s also important not to smoke or drink anything hot because these two habits can further damage your newly treated teeth leading to even more sensitive issues.

You can also use a fluoride rinse or gel to help your chipped tooth heal more quickly and reduce any potential sensitivity issues. Fluoride rinses and gels are typically available over the counter in most drug stores.

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