Dental Bonding and Its Benefits for Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Bonding Everett, MA

If you're considering a form of cosmetic dentistry to fix a damaged tooth, then you might want to consider an option such as dental bonding to restore your tooth. Cosmetic dentistry covers a whole range of procedures and applications designed to make your smile look the best it can be. While most folks know about things like invisible braces and teeth bleaching, you may not know that other restorative procedures are part of cosmetic dentistry as well. 

However, dental bonding is a procedure that has some specific benefits for those looking into cosmetic dentistry. While other solutions tend to hide or cover up the problem, bonding is one of the few options that seek to solve the problem of having broken or damaged teeth. Bonding is unique in several ways and can be the perfect choice for a person who wants their natural smile back and not a lot of worry about whether the work they've had done looks natural or not. 

To help you pick the right procedure for you, we'll explain some of the benefits of dental bonding and cosmetic dentistry. 

Bonding fixes the tooth

It sounds basic, but that is an important distinction to make. Because most cosmetic options involve hiding the problem or treating it as something that needs to be covered up, bonding is in a class of its own. Bonding works by using a composite material that will allow the dentist to reshape the tooth and contour it to the damaged part of the tooth. This means that instead of waiting on a device, your tooth is back to normal, and you can eat and go back to your daily life activities without worrying about your dental work breaking or causing your problems. 

Bonding makes your tooth look normal

This is another important point. The purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to give you your smile and your confidence back to live your life doing the things you love to do. This can be difficult when other cosmetic solutions deliver less than accurate results. For instance, when a person gets a crown, they end up with a tooth that is larger than the rest and not the same color as the rest of the teeth. 

When using bonding, by comparison, the tooth is kept the same size and shape that it was before the damage occurred. Suppose you add that to the fact that the composite resin material used in the procedure can be colored to match the patient's natural tooth color. This means no awkward-looking teeth that are whiter than the rest.

Bonding is a durable solution to protect your teeth

If appropriately treated, the bonding procedure should last several years before needing to be fixed or replaced. This means that you not only get your tooth back, but you have an added layer of protection against future damage, something other cosmetic procedures can't promise. 

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