When Is a Root Canal Dental Restoration Recommended?

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A root canal dental restoration may be needed if the pulp or nerves in a person's teeth have become inflamed. An infection or irritation is also a cause for a root canal procedure. Many people have this procedure each year, and it might be a result of various conditions. Keep reading to find out when a root canal dental restoration may be required. 

When root canals might be needed

With a root canal procedure, more damage to the patient’s tooth can be prevented. This is true if the tooth has an infected root canal or pulp in it. The dentist will use a drill to access the pulp in the tooth. Then the dentist can remove the tissue in it. The empty chamber can then be filled using dental material.

The dentist will then seal the tooth and cover it with a dental restoration like a dental crown. One of the first signs of a severe dental issue is tooth pain. However, this does not always indicate that a root canal dental restoration is needed. The dentist can examine the tooth to determine what exactly is needed. 

Deep decay

Tooth decay might happen when plaque, which has bacteria in it, accumulates on the patient’s teeth. That might result in acids being produced, which might eat in the patient’s enamel. Without a dental restoration,  a deep form of decay that causes infection, can form. It might eventually result in the tooth being lost. If the decay gets to the inner portion of the tooth, then the pulp might become damaged. The pulp contains blood vessels and nerves.

Many dental procedures

Having several dental treatments on one tooth might cause the patient to need to have a root canal dental restoration. There are a few reasons that a tooth might need to have several dental treatments. If there are cavities present, then the tooth will need a filling. If the decay comes back, then the original filing will have to be taken out.

Caring for a tooth that has a break or a crack because of trauma requires another kind of treatment. However, that can put more stress on the tooth, which is already a bit weaker. It might eventually be too weak to support another dental restoration. In this case, a root canal might be needed.

Large fillings

When the patient has a cavity for too long, the decay may spread. This can make a larger filling necessary. More of the structure of the tooth will have to be removed and a large filling will replace it. However, in some cases, a large filling could compromise the tooth’s structure, increasing the need for a root canal dental restoration.

Choosing the right dental restoration procedure

The dentist can help patients decide what dental restoration is most suitable. In the event of a root canal, patients can expect their teeth to remain healthy for life, so long as appropriate care is given. Make an appointment today to undergo a thorough evaluation. 

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