Why You Should You Have Your Dentures Professionally Relined

Posted on: November 2, 2017

DenturesAre your dentures simply not as comfortable as they used to be? If your answer is yes, then you are probably due for a few adjustments. It is not only important for you to professionally reline your dentures because they need a few adjustments to remain comfortable. Ill-fitting dentures can cause multiple problems and high levels of discomfort in patients.

Since people wearing dentures are missing teeth, there is much less stimulation the mouth and jawbone. Relining dentures helps to alleviate this issue as it helps to minimize any additional bone loss. Denture relining is a common dental procedure that can solve multiple oral issues.


People who wear dentures are missing teeth, and thus need something to fill in the gaps so that they are able to perform their everyday functions. Some dental patients have a full set of dentures and others have partial dentures. Regardless of the type of dentures, when these dentures are not fitting properly, a dentist can repair both types.

A professional dentist can answer any questions patients have about repairing their dentures. Since there are a few options when it comes to getting dentures, it is best to make an appointment with a dentist for more information.

Why have your dentures professionally relined?

Over time, the mouth and jawbone change for those who are wearing dentures, creating a need for denture repair so the dentures will fit properly again. There are two types of denture reline options, soft relines and hard relines. Depending on the type of repair the denture needs, we will determine which option will be the most effective. it is important to understand that while there is not a definitive timeframe for when someone needs a denture relining, the average amount of time tends to be about every three years.

If one finds that his or her dentures are causing discomfort for any reason at all, it is highly likely that the individual is in need of a little denture adjustment. The procedure does not take long, which means one can start living life again to the fullest.

Reline procedure

The following is the basic procedure dentists use to reline dentures. The dentist will check:

  • The dentures for looseness
  • For any spots that are causing aggravation to the gums
  • If the bite needs any adjusting
  • If the dentures are too thick or too thin

Once the dentist determines the problem(s), they will make the necessary adjustments.

Need dentures relined?

If you feel that you might be in need of some denture repair so that your dentures once again can fit your mouth perfectly, call us now to schedule an appointment. When your dentures do not fit right, it makes it hard for you to focus on living your everyday life. This makes it necessary for you to take the next step, which involves calling your dentist for a denture evaluation.

Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have about getting your dentures relined, we are here for you.

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