How to Choose The Right Treatment Options for Your Smile Makeover

Posted on: February 26, 2020

smile makeover Everett, MA

A smile makeover may be warranted when a smile affects the way a person feels. Fear of judgment for the way teeth look can make people hesitate to smile or even talk in public. It is important to spend time comparing options for undergoing treatment for improving those pearly whites. Discover some of the ways anyone on almost any budget may get a better smile and gain more self-confidence.

Dental issues that warrant a smile makeover

Some people seem to be born with beautiful teeth, but many more are not so lucky. Certain medical conditions, like diabetes, can make tooth decay at a rapid rate. Others have suffered injuries to the mouth through sports or accidents that left permanent damage leading to extraction. A mouth that is already crowded when the last permanent teeth erupt may result in abnormal alignment and twisting of the teeth. There are many more reasons why teeth may need correction.

Treatment options for improving the appearance of teeth

Once the decision is made to improve the way a smile looks, the patient should explore all available options. Consultations can start during a routine visit to the family dentist. Choosing the right treatment is up to each individual's personal financial and physical situation. Take a look at some of the more common and popular remedies for making teeth more camera-ready.

Orthodontic work

According to Mayo Clinic, braces are a popular way to cure a crooked smile. Many people have experience with the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces as teenagers. More recently, tray systems have gained momentum among adults who want straighter teeth without a mouth full of metal. Braces fix tooth misalignment and jaw issues. Most of the time, braces are a cosmetic choice, but they may become medically necessary if a patient's bite becomes obtrusive or painful.

Teeth whitening

Over time, teeth may lose their white appearance. Whether this is due to an inconsistent hygiene routine or the consumption of acidic foods and drinks, yellowing teeth can make a person feel less attractive. Teeth whitening is accomplished in a few ways, including removable trays that use a bleach-based compound and UV light therapy applied in the dental chair. A whiter smile is one way to increase confidence.


Some people who have widespread cosmetic issues or permanently stained teeth may opt to get veneers. These overlays are applied directly to the front of existing teeth and are made of materials that look like real teeth. Veneers allow people who have odd-shaped or gapped teeth to have bright white and uniform-looking teeth in less time than other cosmetic dental procedures. Dental veneers offer patients a simple solution to make teeth more aesthetically pleasing. Porcelain veneers are of higher quality and resist staining, allowing for a long-lasting solution.


Getting a smile makeover should be an exciting prospect. Take the time to talk things through with your dentist and find the treatment that can give you a boost in self-confidence.

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