How Often Do I Need General Dentistry Visits?

Posted on: April 15, 2020

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General dentistry visits are intended to help prevent the development of an oral health concern such as tooth decay or periodontal disease. Unfortunately, all too many are unaware of how often they should visit. It is helpful to fully understand the purpose and benefits of a general dentistry visit, along with how often they are recommended. 

An overview of general dentistry visits

The best way to deal with oral health concerns is to prevent them from developing, which is what a general dentistry visit aims to do. The following is everything to know about general dentistry visits, including what they are, how often they are recommended and when one might need more frequent visits.

What is a general dentistry visit?

A general dentistry visit, or a routine dental visit, is a regular checkup with a dentist. The visit is often not intended to treat any specific issue, but rather it is designed to spot early signs of concerns before they worsen and help the patient keep a healthy smile long term. During the visit, the general dentist will discuss any oral health concerns that the patient has experienced and conduct an oral examination. They may also recommend a dental X-ray if the patient has not had one in a while. The visit may also include a routine cleaning. 

When should I visit the general dentist?

How often a patient requires a general dentistry visit varies. It depends on a range of factors, including the status of the patient’s oral health, age and more. However, for a person who is in good oral health, it is recommended to visit the general dentist for a checkup approximately every six months. Patients who have an oral health concern such as gum disease or weakened enamel may need more frequent visits until the issue improves. 

What may require me to visit more often?

Patients with an oral health concern might be required to visit the general dentist. For example, a patient who has weakened enamel that is vulnerable to erosion may need to use fluoride treatment to repair the enamel and check in with the general dentist more regularly to ensure that the issue is improving. Also, patients who are going through treatment processes such as braces or clear aligners are likely to need more frequent visits to maintain good health. 

How to take care of oral health at home

While it is important to regularly visit the general dentist for a checkup, it is just as important to properly care for oral health at home through good oral hygiene and eating a proper diet. It is encouraged to brush several times each day, floss daily and use mouthwash as directed. 

Talk to a general dentist about treatment

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