How All-on-4® Dental Implants Can Replace All Your Bottom Teeth

All On 4 Everett, MA

Considering All-on-4®? This popular way to replace missing teeth allows for an entire arch replacement. Unlike other tooth replacement options, All-on-4® combines two methods making for a hybrid solution. This method produces results that are long-lasting and natural-looking. Keep reading to learn more about this dental restoration process.

All-on-4® dental implants for bottom teeth replacement

Below is a quick overview of how All-on-4 can be used to replace the entire bottom arch of teeth. Reviewing this information can be helpful to individuals looking into their tooth replacement options.

All-on-4 defined

The All-on-4 method is one that combines just four dental implants with a denture piece, allowing for entire arch replacement.

How All-on-4 works

All-on-4 works unlike other tooth-replacement methods; there are a few parts to the entire process, which it is important to be aware of.

To start, four dental implants must be placed for the entire arch. In the case of the bottom teeth, the implants will be placed evenly throughout the bottom half of the jaw. This is done in a minor oral surgery that typically does not take more than 90 minutes to complete. After the implants have been placed, the patient will return home to heal and rest for a few days.

A big part of the healing process for All-on-4 is osseointegration, which is the process in which the dental implants fuse naturally with the jawbone. Osseointegration can take anywhere from one to four months, depending on the person.

A few months later, the dentist can place the abutments on top of the dental implants. The abutments act as connectors, which anchor the denture piece into place. Once placed, the bottom arch can be fitted for the denture piece, which has to be custom-created in a dental lab.

To finish the All-on-4 process, the dentist will permanently attach the denture piece to the abutments. Any adjustments will be made to ensure maximum comfort and security.

The importance of the bottom teeth

Having missing teeth anywhere in the oral cavity can be difficult to deal with; however, when the bottom teeth are missing, it can be next to impossible to perform certain activities, such as eating and speaking. Additionally, when the bottom teeth are missing, the jawbone is put at serious risk of developing problems, such as deterioration. A deteriorating jaw can lead to structural changes in the face, bone loss, and other conditions, such as TMJ disorder.

With All-on-4 dental implants, the bottom arch can be successfully replaced, thus allowing for normal function to be achieved. And, because dental implants fuse with the bone, there is less of a risk that deterioration of the bone will take place.

Get started with All-on-4® dental implants

When considering All-on-4® for bottom teeth replacement, the first step to take is to undergo a consultation with a dentist. The consultation allows for any questions or concerns to be addressed. Additionally, the dentist can evaluate the missing teeth to determine if the All-on-4® method is a viable option. Reach out today to find out more or to get scheduled for an appointment.

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