Do Kids Need a Dedicated Children’s Dentist?

Childrens Dentist Everett, MA

When it is time for a child to see a dentist, you should choose a children’s dentist. Choosing one might be a better option for your family for several reasons. For instance, it can be more comfortable for the child. Keep reading to find out more.

About dental care

Many people are familiar with regular dentists. Parents might have experience working with a general dentist. Parents will want to consider how young children will react to this office. Often, a children’s dentist is a better choice for the very young.

What is a children’s dentist?

A children’s dentist, or a family dentist, works with young children. This type of dentist has extra training to properly treat teens, children, infants, and those who have special needs. These professionals know about physical development, tooth development, and the behavior of children. That gives them enough knowledge to treat children. These types of dentists have experience and skill, allowing them to provide all the care that a child might need, including:

  • Exams
  • Risk assessment for teeth straightening and tooth decay
  • Cleanings, fluoride treatments, and other preventive care
  • Alerting the parent to potential symptoms of other dental problems that could be related to congenital heart defects, diabetes, hay fever, or asthma
  • Recommendations on how to clean the teeth
  • Gum disease or cavity treatment
  • Dental injury repair
  • Advice about thumb-sucking and pacifiers
  • Nutrition and diet recommendations

Why work with a children’s dentist?

It might be easier to take the child to a regular dentist. But there are a few reasons to choose a children’s one. Some people have dental anxiety, and this causes nervousness about dental visits. That can make treatments and exams harder.

But a children’s dentist usually has more skills and patience in working with children. These dentists know how to get the child to cooperate. The dentist can also make the child less afraid and more comfortable. Many child-friendly dental offices have smaller supplies and equipment. That makes it more comfortable for those who have smaller mouths. Plus, the smaller tools are often less intimidating.

The environment itself at such a dental office is also friendlier for children. Many offices are colorful and bright. They also have many fun activities for children. That might include fun toys or books the child can use while waiting to see the dentist.

Finding the right dentist

The right way to find a good dentist is to ask friends for recommendations. The child’s doctor may also have good suggestions. A family dentist might also have advice on where to find the right children’s dentist. Some medical centers might have them on staff as well.

Choose the right children’s dentist today

Some parents find that going to a family dentist works well. However, a children’s dentist can give your child a better experience. This is even more the case if your child is frightened easily or is fussy. Other children cannot sit still for a long time. Children’s dentists often have more experience and patience to help the child.

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