Denture Repair: Why Fixing a Broken Denture Should Only Be Done by Your Dentist

Posted on: June 11, 2020

denture repair Everett, MA

Patients in need of denture repair should call on a dentist as soon as possible to restore normal oral function and prevent further damage to both the appliance and their mouths. Many people may think they can easily fix some problems themselves, but even the smallest repairs should get full and fast professional attention as delays can make the problem worse. It is important to have a dentist make the repairs to ensure the fix is lasting.

Problems that require denture repair

Dentures, like teeth, can show wear after time. For those with bad habits, such as crunching hard candy or chewing ice, damage is even more likely to occur. There are several types of damage common to dentures.

Chips and cracks in the acrylic

Along with stress cracks from chewing hard foods, teeth can sustain chips. For patients with removable dentures, there are added dangers that can cause damage. Dropping them on a hard floor, knocking them off a counter or any number of accidents may occur.

Broken and loose teeth

The same issues that cause chips and cracks can cause more significant problems too. Biting down on a popcorn kernel can break both real and replacement teeth. Then, there is the chance that Fido will mistake them for a chew toy, as more than a few wearers have found.

Cracks or breaks in the prosthesis

Although it is more likely to occur with the top dentures, both the bottom and top dentures can split down the middle. Such a break can occur with changes in the gums, mouth and bone tissue. These changes can cause the chewing motion to apply unbalanced pressure to the dentures, resulting in a break.

Reasons for professional repair

It can be tempting to try a DIY solution, especially for minor problems. There are several brands of super glue that patients have tried on what seems to be a simple break. However, denture repair should always be undertaken by a professional dentist.  

Damage to other teeth and gums

When a tooth is broken or missing, chewing puts added stress on other teeth. This type of stress occurs whether teeth are natural or dentures. Continued use of damaged dentures can make the problem worse by affecting other teeth as well as the gums.

Misalignment causes pain

Anyone who has had a poppyseed stuck between teeth can attest to the discomfort this tiny variation causes. In trying a do-it-yourself repair, an inexact alignment has the same effect. It can also cause rubbing against the gums, which turns painful quickly.

Fixes are only temporary

Those who use glue on broken dentures soon find the fix to be only temporary. The original break remains in the “fixed” dentures, causing a weak spot. Dentures are likely to break again in the same place.


Professional repair can restore the proper function and appearance of dentures. Prompt repair also prevents further damage to the appliance and can help patients avoid pain from improperly fitting dentures. Whether they need to have teeth replaced or a complete relining, patients can be assured of lasting denture repair only when completed by a dentist.

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