5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adult Orthodontics

Posted on: January 16, 2018

Adult orthodontics is becoming increasingly popular. It was almost impossible to spot an adult with braces a few years ago. Braces were strictly for children and teens with crooked smiles and misaligned bites. Today, things have changed as adults make up more than 25% of current orthodontic patients.

Kids are not the only one who have smiles that need restoration.

Grown-ups also need adult orthodontic procedures if their teeth are poorly aligned. It doesn't matter what age you are when your teeth are in the correct position, they look better, and you feel better. With the demand on the rise, finding reputable adult orthodontic professionals is not as hard as it used to be. The following are a few good reasons why you need to set up an appointment with your local orthodontic professional.

Reasons to visit a dental office that offers orthodontic treatments

1. Restore your smile

Whenever you meet a new person, one of the first things they notice and remember about you is your smile. Everyone looks much better when they smile. Well, unless you have bad teeth alignment. People with crooked teeth may even be afraid to smile in public because of low self-esteem. There are many adults with crooked teeth, some since their childhood, while others suffered an injury or health condition that caused a shift in their teeth's position.

An orthodontics professional can help restore your smile using braces. A nice smile gives you more confidence when you deal with people.

2. Avoid future dental Problems

According to research, adults are just as likely to have misaligned teeth as kids. If left untreated, crooked teeth can lead to a number of even worse oral problems in the long run. Due to poor teeth positioning, plaque can build up between the teeth that you are unable to properly clean. This can further lead to tooth decay, gum loss, bone loss, enamel wear, and toothaches. These problems can be painful and quite expensive to treat especially when you have to replace a tooth.

3. Teeth can move at any age

Some people think their teeth are perfect just because they had healthy teeth as kids and didn't need to see an orthodontic professional. However, there are many cases of adults whose teeth started getting crooked when they were adults. This may be a result of an accident, health complications, lifestyle choices, or just because of the natural aging process. It is recommended that you visit an adult orthodontic professional the first time you notice a tooth is misaligned.

4. Wide variety of choices available

The field of dentistry has not been left behind in the technological revolution. Orthodontic professionals can now provide you with more options than just braces to straighten your teeth. Braces have evolved significantly from the traditional metallic braces that can be uncomfortable and ugly.

For instance, clear aligners like Invisalign resemble a mouth guard and fits more precisely without using any metal. Traditional braces also come in many more designs and sizes nowadays.

Never be afraid to make an effort to improve your smile. Visit your Everett orthodontic professional today at GK Dental PC and get a smile you can show off for the rest of your life. Or call us at (617) 826-6075 for more information.

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